Introducing iSquare

iSquare is Safety, Quality and Risk management. We provide innovative, independent, integrated solutions for our clients.

We believe in applying sensible and pragmatic approaches to safety, quality and risk management.
We do not believe in bureaucratic solutions, which prevent you from focussing on your core business.

We are convinced that safety is not just determining the right countermeasures, it’s about ensuring how well the information is communicated that determines how effective the solutions are.
We are constantly working on providing the best solutions for our clients. For example, in developing the Integral Safety Case for the Betuweroute, where the focus was on the organisation. We applied the EN 50126 and 50129 standards to structure and present the arguments why this new railway line could be safely put into service.

We are often involved in assessing the effects of new technology in an organisation. More and more National Safety Authorities expect that an organisation demonstrate that effective processes are in place before new complex technologies may be used.
A lot of focus is often placed on understanding the root causes of a single major incident. Just as "one swallow doesn’t make a summer", one incident doesn’t necessarily lead to the best countermeasures. We believe that by examining the same types of near-misses or (minor) incidents with PRISMA, more effective countermeasures may be found, which ultimately lead to a more resilient organisation.

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