Mission and vision
Our goal is to provide an integral solution for Safety, Quality and Risk Management. Our services focus on the organisation and the pragmatic implementation of safety, quality and risk management principles in your organisation.
iSquare is convinced that effective safety management, whether as part of a project or as part of the day-to-day activities of an organisation, is the best approach to ensuring reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM).

iSquare makes use of a large network of professionals with the right kind of knowledge, experience and character. This enables us to apply the broadest possible knowledge of Safety, Quality and Risk management principles. No matter what field our clients may operate in, we are able to organise specialists to meet your needs.

Knowledge management
iSquare believes that knowledge only exists through sharing. We want to share our knowledge with others and believe that it is our duty to play an active role in increasing the knowledge of our clients, their staff, safety managers and future consultants. We do this by publishing, speaking at seminars and congresses and as guest lecturers at courses.

And knowledge sharing can be very informal. We love to exchange ideas over a cup of coffee…

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