Safety, Quality & Risk Management

Safety Management
We are able to support your organisation with formal quantitative and qualitative approaches to safety management, including

We are experienced in developing safety management systems according to NTA 8620 and NTA 8009 standards.

Quality management
We are able to support your organisation in the development of integrated quality and safety management systems in line with ISO 9000 and OHSAS 18000 standards.
It may be that your organisation already has a quality management system, we are able to support your organisation by developing specific procedures and work instructions for existing management systems.
In order to ensure a quality management system works as designed, it is advisable to periodically audit the working of your management system. iSquare is able to support your audit process.

Our audits focus on the effectiveness of the system, specifically within its local environment. Our goal is to provide objective recommendations for ongoing continuous improvement. The result is that your organisation will be able to focus on its commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving your quality management systems.

Risk Management
iSquare’s experience in risk management focuses on project risks. Driven by the need to ensure that project risks are fully examined and communicated, iSquare is able to deliver an effective risk management approach.
When your organisation needs to assess and control the risks in your projects, iSquare is able to provide an integrated set of services and analyses, which will support your project delivery.
Together with your project team, iSquare will support your efforts in identifying, assessing, prioritisation and mitigation of risks in your projects. The result is to ensure timely and cost effective project realisation.

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